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The 'solydfixes' script

This script provides various fixes for SolydXK systems. The first versions were created to ease processing of the SolydXK Home Editions' July 2014 Update Pack. Descriptions of earlier versions are still available here and here.

With the --help option the script currently shows this list of functions and options:

	Usage: solydfixes [OPTION...] ARGUMENT...

	General options:
	-h, --help       display this text and exit
	-l               open the log in an editor after the action
	-s FILE          use FILE as settings file instead of solydfixes.conf
	-y               use the --yes option with apt-get (see apt-get manpage)
	-z               use zenity to display the README file and exit
	--remove [+log]  remove an installed set, optionally including the log files

	Arguments with related options (if any):
	upgrade [TARGET] upgrade a SolydXK system to version 9 (and its Debian base to
	                 stretch) or, with stable or testing as target, to (Debian)
	                 stable or testing (the latter also upgrades SolydXK to EE)
	  -r OLD_RELEASE specify 8 or ee if a (partial) rerun is required
	  hold           do not 'unhold' any held packages
	  vbox           switch to VirtualBox's own repository and packages
	dmo              remove deb-multimedia.org (DMO) repository and packages
	get              download the most recent version of this script
	gksu             fix gksu not working because of a limited xhost setting
	sysgroups        fix non-system values of system groups lpadmin and sambashare
	tmp              fix incorrect /tmp to /var/tmp linkage
	vbox             remove superfluous VirtualBox guest addition packages

	You need to specify one or more arguments. Without them, this script will do
WARNING (May 2018)

As we are well into the second year of Debian stretch as stable, using the script to upgrade now is probably not a good idea...


Version 5.0.0 of the script is available in a tarball (SHA256 hash is 0943d80ce50677a7d1cb5c291543953602757022edb71d09ae84da3f6f222804) - gpg signature is here). This links to a text file with some release history..

The rest of this page is still under construction. Sorry. Have a README for now...