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This page contains information about and links to the shell script update-sun-jre.
The current version of this script is 2.2.2.
Known bugs and issues are listed here.


The repository provides a Debian package with the script and the same support files as in the support tarball. Setting things up is a bit more work, but the script will be properly integrated in your system. Additional advantages: a possibly installed out-of-date sun-java6 installation will be removed completely and if you keep the software source in your list, you will automatically receive updates of the script. The procedure:

Using the script apt-add-repository -available for Ubuntu- is not advisable because that script makes a few incorrect assumptions.
The key server keys.gnupg.net mentioned above is just an example. You can use any reliable key server. If the apt-key command produces an error, try one of the servers from this page.

Only download

Of course you can just download the Debian package from the repository with apt-get download without installing it right away. If you do that and then decide to install the package anyway using dpkg -iB or GDebi, that will also result in a complete installation.
However, there is a chance GDebi will incorrectly claim the installation has failed. This will have been caused by a rather peculiar error reported by dpkg, about not being able to install the package sun-java-jre (which has just been removed). There are no ill effects to the installation of update-sun-jre, but it does look a bit odd...


If you want to remove the script, how you go about it depends on how you installed it. To undo a manual install, execute the command
sudo ./update-sun-jre -v remove
(with the directory containing the script open in a terminal). This will not work if the script was installed using a Debian package. In that case you could use e.g. Synaptic or apt-get (dpkg --remove will not work). You will be offered another Java installation: OpenJDK. If you do not want that, you can start by installling the sun-java6-plugin (if it is still available in the repository). The other sun-java6 packages will tag along and the script package will be removed automatically.